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15 kwietnia 2010

88. Stanisław Soyka (vocals, lyrics) – Kiedy jesteś taka bliska (When you are so close)

Another simple but charming song by Stanisław Soyka. The lyrics are actually a poem from Soyka’s volume of verse called “Fracha”, published in 1991.
Again, there are some discrepancies in the lyrics. On his website, Soyka has placed the poem with the word “wibruje” in the last stanza, but in the performance below the word “wiruje” may be heard. Of course, such changes are possible not only for the performer, but especially for the author.
Soyka refers to the biblical myth of expelling Adam and Eve from the paradise after which God placed two angels in front of the garden to guard the entrance. In Soyka’s poem, the angels guard the entrance as well, but the lovers seem to be still inside the paradise garden.

Kiedy jesteś taka bliska
When you are so close

Oto jesteś przy mnie cała
And here you are with me
taka piękna taka rozpalona
So beautiful, so fevered
tańczą nasze pocałunki
Our kisses are dancing
tańczy noc i ognie płoną
Night is dancing and fire’s burning

kiedy jesteś taka bliska
When you are so close
świata nie ma
There’s no world
czasu nie ma
There’s no time
mnie nie ma
There’s no me

Niebo cicho podpatruje
The heaven silently watches
nasze słowa myśli czyny
Our words, thoughts, acts
moje dłonie odnajdują
My hands are finding
twoje dłonie
Your hands

Niewidzialni aniołowie
Invisible angels
strzegą bram naszego raju
Guard the gates of our paradise
noc wibruje/wiruje niewymownie
The night is pulsating/swirling unspeakably

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