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9 listopada 2014

181. Agnieszka Osiecka (lyrics), Barbara Dziekan (vocals) – Ulica japońskiej wiśni (The Street of the Cherry Blossom)

One of the most famous of Agnieszka Osiecka’s songs. And probably it hasn’t been translated into English. And it’s a pity.

In her song, Osiecka used a symbol combined with a metaphor. The reference to the Country of the Cherry Blossom may symbolize the exotic, the distant and the most charming. It is difficult to establish precisely what is that exactly. Most generally it can be a dream, a desire. That is the very nature of a symbol, namely that we are unable to ascertain precisely its meaning.

The metaphorical juxtaposition is based on substituting the usual word ‘country’ in the common phrase ‘the Country of the Cherry Blossom’. The word in question was replaced by ‘street’ and thus the combination ‘the street of the cherry blossom’ needs explanation since the meanings of each element have been put together. The word ‘street’ may also be recognized as a symbol because it is the human ‘device’ used, in a manner of speaking, to achieve one’s purpose, the purpose usually being a destination.

Ulica japońskiej wiśni
The street of the Cherry Blossom

Szare ulice, szare balkony,
Streets are gloomy, balconies as well
z widokiem na inne szare balkony.
Still facing another balconies as well
Szare żony, szare spódnice,
Wives are gloomy, and skirts are the same
z widokiem na nowe szare spódnice.
Still facing new other dull skirts again
Gdzieniegdzie jeszcze kocie łby,
And in some places are cobblestones
a w kocich łbach kocie sny.
And cobble dreams in these stones

Ulica japońskiej wiśni,
The street of the cherry blossom
niech ci się przyśni co jakiś czas.
Let it be dreamt in every now
Ulica japońskiej wiśni,
The street of the cherry blossom
niech się wymyśli w purpurze gwiazd.
So be invented in purple stars
Purpurą do góry, purpurą w dół,
With purple up, or purple down
na końcu purpury Kanada i księżyc na stół.
With purple’s end, Aurora with Moon, they will tell

Szare kominy, ptaki bezskrzydłe,
Those dull chimneys, birds without wings
z widokiem na inne ptaki bezskrzydłe.
Viewing another birds without wings
Szare serca, biedne liczydła,
Those dull hearts, poor abaci
z widokiem na randkę z innym liczydłem.
Viewing dates with another poor one
Gdzieniegdzie jeszcze małe drzwi,
Here and there are small doors,
a w małych drzwiach śmieszne sny.
And there's a dream that’s silly too.

Ulica japońskiej wiśni…